Landscape Project in Bedfordshire

This project was located in a rural location that has a ‘ right of way’ through the front fields. It is situated on a hill and in stormy conditions the rain would run off and form a stream washing stones, sand and mulch across the front drive. Our remit was to lay a drain beneath the drive running to a nearby brook and to relay the drive to stones. Whist the drain dealt with rain water it could not deal with the tonnes of sand and mulch that would wash down 6-10 inches deep. Further work up stream (track) was required to filter the mulch by way of ‘tanking’ thus ensuring that only rain water would reach the drain. The project has been a complete success with minimal maintenance each year to maintain the tanking system that prevents the mulch blocking the newly laid drain

With the flash flooding problem being contained it was then possible to lay the drive on roller machine compacted base dressed with 10 mm stone.